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Acrylic Bin

Feilong Acrylic-Your Custom Acrylic Bins Box Project OEM & ODM Manufacturer Supplier

Feilong Acrylic with more than 13 years of Rich experience specializing in manufacturing acrylic products such as acrylic displays, acrylic organzier, acrylic stands, etc. including Acrylic Bins and related products.

With more than 150 skilled workers, strict production process control, and advanced machinery, ISO9001 quality audit system control. which could ensure delivery on time with steady quality products.

Good prices compared to your competitors, along with excellent after-sales service, 7*24/h fast response time, will reply to your inquiry within 12 hours.

ODM/OEM service offer, free design available,  Just provide your request such as thickness, design, and size, and we will handle the rest of the work for you.

Clear Round Acrylic Bin with Cover for Display Storage

Custom Orders: Our custom acrylic bins are made according to your needs. We accept small-batch orders for products and accept to customize the size, thickness, color, etc.

Design: Handmade and Diamond polishing, these acrylic storage bins come in round or square shapes with a clear lid cover and top handle. Custom designs are available.

Applications: Good for daily use as storage bins for household items or cosmetics, and for displaying products in stores, such as candies and gifts.

Reference  Price: $ 2.5~11.5

Other Custom Acrylic Bins styles

Feilong Acrylic provides exclusive designers for all of your acrylic jewelry box. As a leading manufacturer of custom acrylic products in China, we are pleased to help you provide a high-quality acrylic box suitable for your business.

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Can not Find the Exactly Acrylic Bins? You Need Custom It. Get to Us Now !

Please send us the drawing, and reference pictures, or share your idea as specifically as possible. Advise the required quantity and lead time. Then, we will work on it.

According to your detailed requirements, Our Sales team will get back to you within 24 hours with the best-suit solution and competitive quote.

After approving the quote, we will prepare the prototyping sample for you in 3-5 days. You can confirm this by physical sample or picture & video.

Mass production will start after approving the prototype. Usually, it will take 13 to 20 working days depending on the order quantity and complexity of the project.

Other Types of Acrylic Boxes

Acrylic Jewelry Box with Various Compartment Options

Table of Content

Do you want to put your space in order? Acrylic bins are a modern, clear answer to an opaque storage box or container. These versatile bins not only unclutter but also make any setting modern. Maximalist acrylic bins are perfect for displaying colorful items that make you happy or organizing to simplify; these multi-functional containers perfectly marry form and function. These are the home-side winners.

Benefits of Acrylic Bins

Enhanced Visibility

Acrylic bins provide superior visibility, helping to create a better experience of weaving through the items within to locate them effectively. This is a very useful feature in crowded storage locations.

Extended Freshness

The product quality is therefore maintained longer: fruits, vegetables, or snacks organized in acrylic bins. This will prevent waste and also end up saving you money.

Modern Aesthetics

Acrylic bins are the perfect item containers to provide a modern and sleek style where it is suitable to be used. Their see-through construction adds a touch of class to the area.

Organizing with Acrylic Bins

Efficient Closet Organization

Acrylic bins are great for a neatly organized closet space, perfect for being able to locate and neatly fit every piece or two of clothing, shoes, or accessories by category. These plastic boxes are transparent, so you can see what is stored in these storage containers without having to dig through piles of shelved mess.

Maximize Pantry Space

Use acrylic bins for your pantry so you can create more room and your pantry will stay organized. These clear see-through storage totes are great because when you can see through, you will know how much of certain items you have at home and snacks so you can avoid over-purchasing, and the risk of spoiling no wastage here.

Easy Kitchen Access

Acrylic bins for all your goods — think utensils, spices, and snacks in the kitchen — are a storage godsend. Their transparency allows you to identify the item you are looking for faster and keeps everything looking neat and visually attractive.


  • Clear visibility of contents

  • Easy access to stored items

  • Versatile for different rooms


  • Fingerprints may be easily visible

  • Scratches easily if not handled carefully

Acrylic Bin Styles and Sizes

Various Sizes

Some of these sizes are large half bins, giant mini half bins, or the one-gallon bin. From a small bin for pens to a large bin for blankets, these bins come in all sizes to fit everything.

Range of Styles

Acrylic bins are available in different styles so you could make a choice suitable for you. You can also choose from various styles of bins from clear transparent to colorful depending on the design of the room.

Convenient Handles

Acrylic Bins with Handles: The handles of the bins make transportation extremely simple, and convenient if you are someone who does have to move some things around in your space often.

Tips for Maximizing Storage

Labeling for Organization

With large contents stored inside, it is necessary to label each acrylic bin to be able to quickly identify what is stored right in it. They can be clearly marked and you can get to one of the bins to get something without shifting everything to have that one item you need.

Efficient Stacking

If you’re gearing up to utilize those bigger storage areas, think about how you might want to stack your acrylic bins. This technique not only saves you a wide area but also helps in the effective use of vertical space. Also, try to place items inside stacked bins so you can stack them as shown to simplify organization even more.

Dividers & Inserts

Utilize dividers or inserts within your acrylic bins to create separate compartments for different items. This will help avoid any mess and you will find it easy to get hold of a certain object when required. This way you keep the contents from shifting and things stay far more organized.


  • Efficient organization

  • Easy access to items

  • Space-saving solution


  • Might need to buy dividers or inserts separately

Final Remarks

So now, having understood how acrylic bins can benefit you, how to organize them, and what are the different styles of acrylic bins available, let’s start organizing your space! Try these useful suggestions to fully utilize your storage area and keep your belongings under control in no time. Additionally, keep in mind a properly organized space not only appears a lot better, but it saves time and strain.

You can start by applying these tactics in your house or even at your workplace today. Begin with decluttering, then categorizing and using acrylic bins wisely. Not only will your space look more appealing, but it will also be more practical and you will be able to work more efficiently. Get the most out of acrylic bins and let them do the hard work of organization for you.

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