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Acrylic Jewelry Box

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Feilong Acrylic with more than 13 years of Rich experience specializing in manufacturing acrylic products such as acrylic displays, acrylic boxes, acrylic stands, etc. including Acrylic Jewelry Box and related products.

With over 150 skilled workers, strict production process control, and advanced machinery, ISO9001 quality audit system control. delivery of your steady quality custom order on time.

Competitive prices, along with comprehensive after-sales service, 7*24/h fast response time.

ODM/OEM service offer, free design available,  provide thickness, design, size, colors customized options. Contact our sales team now!

Clear Acrylic Jewelry Box with Lid & Drawer for Display

Custom Orders: Our custom acrylic jewelry boxes are tailored to your needs. We accept small-batch orders, so you can customize the size, thickness, and color to your liking.

Design: Each acrylic jewelry box is carefully handcrafted and polished for a high-end finish. Available in both square and round shapes, they can have drawers or lids. You can opt for multi-layered or single-layer designs. Handles can be made from clear acrylic or metal for an extra touch of luxury. We also offer custom designs to meet your specific requirements.

Applications: Our acrylic jewelry boxes are perfect for various occasions like engagements, weddings, and evening parties. They are also great for jewelry stores or malls to display rings, necklaces, and high-end watches. At home, they are essential for organizing and storing personal jewelry collections.

Reference  Price: $ 2.5~18.5

Other Custom Acrylic Jewelry Box styles

Feilong Acrylic provides exclusive designers for all of your acrylic jewelry box. As a leading manufacturer of custom acrylic products in China, we are pleased to help you provide a high-quality acrylic box suitable for your business.

acrylic jewelry box with dividers
acrylic jewelry box with dividers
acrylic jewelry box with drawers
acrylic jewelry box with drawers
Acrylic Jewelry Cosmetic organizer box
acrylic jewelry display box with drawer
acrylic jewelry display box with drawer
acrylic jewelry gift box
acrylic jewelry makeup box with sliding lid
acrylic jewelry makeup box with sliding lid
acrylic jewelry storage box (2)
acrylic jewelry storage box
acrylic jewelry storage box
acrylic jewelry storage box
acrylic necklace jewelry box
acrylic necklace jewelry box
acrylic ring box
acrylic ring box
tiers Rotating acrylic jewelry round box

Can not Find the Exactly Acrylic Jewelry Box? You Need Custom It. Get to Us Now !

Please send us the drawing, and reference pictures, or share your idea as specifically as possible. Advise the required quantity and lead time. Then, we will work on it.

According to your detailed requirements, Our Sales team will get back to you within 24 hours with the best-suit solution and competitive quote.

After approving the quote, we will prepare the prototyping sample for you in 3-5 days. You can confirm this by physical sample or picture & video.

Mass production will start after approving the prototype. Usually, it will take 13 to 20 working days depending on the order quantity and complexity of the project.

Other Types of Acrylic Boxes

Acrylic Jewelry Box with Various Compartment Options

Table of Content

The history of acrylic jewelry boxes dates back to the 20th century when they found their place amongst the trend as being beautifully designed, and also unbreakable. Today, these quintessential storage items are still beloved by jewelry lovers thanks to their stylish design that is both practical and contemporary. So if you want to show off your best pieces in style, or keep them neatly stored away, this is one jewelry item that no fashionista should be without.

Acrylic Jewelry Boxes Explained


Acrylic jewelry boxes can be used for storing various jewelry pieces such as rings, necklaces, and earrings. They go in numerous sizes and blueprints reliant on the sort of adornments that they are to be utilized for.


The best part is that acrylic jewelry boxes are made from acrylic material which makes them the strongest and can last for a long time. These are made to endure the hardships of daily life, so your preserved bracelet jewelry will always be safe and sound.


Another characteristic of acrylic jewelry boxes is that they are transparent and when you have one it permits looking your jewels exclusively by opening the top. For the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, you can select a fluorescent or clear handle, which also makes it easier to choose your accessories.

Styles and Functionalities

Acrylic jewelry boxes can be anywhere from straightforward clear boxes to soaringly fashionable contraptions that have drawers, doors & side compartments. These are also perfect as well for holding your jewelry and fancy up your vanity or dresser.

Sizes and Designs Available


There are a lot of different sizes to choose from for acrylic jewelry boxes. There are small boxes for a few pieces and large ones that can fit entire collections.


There is no limitation to the options of designs. You can find national design ideas that range from very easy and clean to complex and ornamental. Remember that some boxes can be designed for children and have specific themes if you are shopping around based on age.

Choosing the Right One

Before you decide on the best acrylic jewelry box for you, take stock of the size of your collection and whether or not you also need extra storage space for other items like watches or pairs of earrings as well. Choose a design that not only accentuates your jewelry but also adds style to the dressing area.

Material Benefits and Elegance


Acrylic jewelry boxes are incredibly durable and have excellent scratch resistance. This secures your priceless fashion jewelry as well.

Easy Maintenance

Taking care of an acrylic jewelry box is super easy. Best of all, simply use warm water and mild soap to clean it — even if you spill! A wash-down with water is all that’s necessary, and it doesn’t require special cleaners or a huge amount of maintenance work.

Touch of Elegance

Acrylic Jewelry Boxes look classy and bring a more elegant look to the dressing table. Its clear glossy finish can make your jewelry collection look more beautiful.

Sustainability Features

FSC-certified, acrylic jewelry boxes are designed to provide the environmental benefits that come with environmentally friendly offerings. These boxes help to make an environment-friendly approach.


  • Strength & Scratch Vacuum Filter

  • Easy to clean and maintain.

  • Gives your dress place and elegance.


  • Maybe a fingerprint magnet

  • If treated roughly it can scratch easily.

Organizing Tips for Jewelry


File Size: 78 KBInfoSeparate same-style earrings by size to prevent tangling and make it easier to find a matching pair. Use separate small slots in the acrylic jewelry box to arrange individual pairs of earrings.

Separate Studs from Dangly Earrings to Avoid Damage

Organize bigger sections for your hoops and bold statement earrings.


Take care of fragile rose-shaped jewels by storing them safely to avoid getting squished and breaking. You may want to provide some soft padding or cushioning around the rose designs in each of these compartments.

Carefully position each rose in its own square so they do not mesh together

These were shot at my house too in a very tiny space with an infinity wall I squeezed 3 different colored roses into the same box while trying to avoid crushing or damaging them.

Choose Your Compartment Style

Drawer Style

Acrylic jewelry boxes which are drawer-style compartments are best suited for the storage of rings, earrings as well as bracelets. Having a separate drawer for all your jewelry is helpful because you can categorize each type of jewelry and they would never intertwine. Top-Remix storage is great for people who want a more compact and stackable solution.

Grid Style

Grid-style sections are ideal for organizing smaller “bits” like earring posts, charms, and pendants. There are multiple grids, each for a different type of item to make it easier to find what you want quickly. This type is ideal for those having a great number of small or thin jewelry items.

Open Style

It has open-style compartments so it’s good for storing bigger items like bracelets, necklaces, or watches This style has no dividers or separators, and bulkier jewelry can be stored without limitations. Great for a more freeform and custom organization folks.

The Pros and Cons of Various Compartment Styles:

  • Drawer Style: Jewelry will not be entangled.

  • When to use a Grid Style: Best for small and delicate pieces.

  • Open Style: Perfect for larger items

Closing Thoughts

Now you know the ins and outs of acrylic jewelry boxes, so you can uptick your accessory organization. Keep in mind: not only are these boxes beautiful, but they are also functional! There are countless different sizes, logos, and box designs to make sure your storage fits your collection. Simply select the compartment style that suits you best and follow our organizing tips to take on that over-stuffed jewelry box before it is too late!

Set out to get acrylic jewelry boxes and find the one suitable for your collection. Get your pro-organizing cap on and display your style! When it comes to your accessories, they deserve luxury, and a crystal clear acrylic jewelry box can offer up both functionality and elegance.


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