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Acrylic Photo Block

Feilong Acrylic, Your Custom Acrylic Photo Block Manufacturer Supplier

Feilong Acrylic, a China leading Chinese acrylic products manufacturer, has specialized in this area for over 13 years.

Our customized acrylic photo blocks from manufacture are constructed out of top quality, crystal clear acrylic, and boast unrivaled clarity along with a polished contemporary design that works well in any environment. 

Their long-lasting beauty and lightweight design guarantee you can place them in any setting – from your home, or office or make the most of their colorful possibilities for galleries or retail displays.

Our acrylic blocks have sleek rounded sides and a luxury diamond polish or frame finish, making them the perfect way to present your images with sophistication and class.

5x7 '' Clear Magnetic Acrylic Photo Block

This acrylic photo frame is made from two thick high transparent acrylic blocks and is held together by strong magnets on the four corners.

This set includes two 5×7 acrylic block frames, each 0.45” thick, totaling 0.94” in overall thickness. with size be 5×7”, also can be made with 8×10” or other size and thickness.

The clear, polished edges and magnetic closure provide a high-end finish and make it easy to insert and switch photos, and can be used both vertically and horizontally.

Reference  Price: $ 0.95~3.5

Other Custom Acrylic Photo Block Styles

Feilong Acrylic provides exclusive designers for all of your acrylic stands. As a leading manufacturer of custom acrylic products in China, we are pleased to help you provide high-quality acrylic Blocks suitable for your business.

acrylic block photo frame

Acrylic Block Photo Frame

This half-transparent acrylic photo block is made with colored acrylic material. It has an orange border that adds a pop of color to any space, good for your home or office décor

Thickness, size, color, and design can be customized.

Acrylic Colored Photo Block with Bracket

This Acrylic colored photo Block with Bracket is made with two pcs 5mm colored high-quality acrylic.

Precision cut from optically clear high-grade colored acrylic, each block has a colorful edge and open base allowing light into the artwork.

These photo blocks are great for adding a splash of color to any space in your home, or office or give as an amazing gift.

acrylic photo block with Printing

Acrylic Photo Block with Printing

This acrylic photo block with printed logo or brand images or text. It is made with high transparent 20mm thickness acrylic. can be printed by silkscreen or UV printing or engraved your customized brands.

Acrylic Table Photo Block Stand

Acrylic Table Photo Block Stand

This is one stylish and functional acrylic table photo block stand.

Made of clear, thick acrylic with a solid metal bracket that could hold this stand on the desk top.

This stand is great for showing off photos, artwork, or branding materials and adds a sleek, contemporary look to any home/office/event decor.

Acrylic Wall Mounted Photo Block

Acrylic Wall Mounted Photo Block

This Acrylic wall-mounted photo block frame is made with two pcs of high transparent acrylic sheet, with screws that could be fixed on the wall.

It is perfect for holding wedding photos, family portraits, or artwork, and could adds a modern and sophisticated touch to any room décor.

Can Not Find the Exactly Acrylic Photo Blocks? You Need Custom It. Get to Us Now !

Please send us the drawing, and reference pictures, or share your idea as specifically as possible. Advise the required quantity and lead time. Then, we will work on it.

According to your detailed requirements, Our Sales team will get back to you within 24 hours with the best-suit solution and competitive quote.

After approving the quote, we will prepare the prototyping sample for you in 3-5 days. You can confirm this by physical sample or picture & video.

Mass production will start after approving the prototype. Usually, it will take 13 to 20 working days depending on the order quantity and complexity of the project.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Acrylic photo blocks are a contemporary way to show off your photos, in a specific style. The blocks are fashioned in clear acrylic with a modern, clean finish.

The photograph is actually printed on the back of a block, which gives optimal quality and color.

Acrylic is translucent, so light can pass through and brighten the colors of your photo. Photo Block As a Great Gift Acrylic photo blocks are providing an artistic to keep special memories or art.

Acrylic photo blocks are unlike the traditional frame on so many levels.

Firstly, Acrylic Photo Blocks Are Clear, Which Gives A Modern & Sleek Appearance To The Image Displayed Conversely, conventional frames are commonly crafted from wood or steel that present standard and antique style.

Second, they are usually borderless or edgeless so for a photograph it looks almost as though the photo is floating. Meanwhile, traditional frames have clearly visible borders that occasionally detract from the photo.

Finally, the acrylic photo blocks are incredibly sturdy and resistant to shattering or breaking which allows for years of use in displaying photos. Although traditional frames have an undeniable charm, they are more likely to experience wear and tear.

In summary, acrylic photo blocks are a modern and stylish replacement for the traditional frame style design to hold your best photos

Yes, Make it your own photo prints and other items like acrylic photo blocks can be customized to suit you.

The acrylic blocks are available in different sizes and shapes along with the design, size of photo, or artwork you want to display.

Additionally, many of these companies allow you to customize your acrylic photo block with scene descriptions or silly detailing and even include names! If a sleek modern or elegant traditional design is what you prefer, there are custom options to produce something absolutely unique for your home and office.

Yes, acrylic photo blocks are definitely best for special occasions.

They show off some of your most precious memories from events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays graduations, or any other milestone in a modern and elegant way.

An acrylic block’s modern and stylish design adds an air of class to any room, while also lending the picture a truly unique appearance. Perfect to give as a gift for someone special, celebrating important moments.

The strength of acrylic promises an image that will not wear or fade with age and instead, it becomes a memento for times to come.

How to utilize customized acrylic photo blocks for display

There are unlimited ways to display personalized acrylic photo blocks with your best memories. Some methods to present them are;-

On a Floating Shelf:

Sit the acrylic photo block on a free-floating shelf for a contemporary and minimal way of displaying it. This allows the light to pass through the block as it is, improving how vibrant this picture will look.

In a Gallery Wall:

Use the acrylic photo block in a gallery with other photos and pieces of art. This adds a level of depth and interest to the layout and really helps your custom canvas photo pop.

On a Mantel or Console Table:

Lean your acrylic photo block against a mantel or console table to give any room the personal touch it deserves. For an interesting visual, you could combine different sizes and shapes.

In a Bookshelf:

Place the acrylic photo block on a bookshelf among some of your favorite books and decorative items. This builds a personalized mixed vignette that tells your life story.

As a Paperweight:

You can consider using the acrylic photo block as a fashionable paperweight on your desk or workspace. This way it not merely secures your papers but also glamours up a bit of space in which you work.

There is no dearth of ways to put your custom acrylic print on display for the world – and you can try them all. Making these beautiful photo blocks a part of an overall theme in how they deck space gives personality to any area, but elevating memories and photographs so vividly will always score aces!

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