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Acrylic Stand Holders Series

Custom Acrylic stand holder China manufacturer& Wholesale Supplier

Feilong Acrylic is an acrylic custom Acrylic hold stand, home collected display stand, and other acrylic items manufacturer &wholesaler in China.

With years of combined experience in the custom acrylic industry, we have fulfilled more than 900 custom projects recent 5 years.  acrylic stand holders widely use in different applications in our life 

Featured Feilong Acrylic Hold Stands

At Feilong Acrylic, you will find a great range of acrylic displays, acrylic box, and acrylic stands, that is sustainable and innovative for a wide range of applications. Our custom Acrylic hold stands are made with a highly transparent acrylic material and with handmade crafts, which is a modern design, they are simple and beautifully crafted with a touch of modern minimalism.

Acrylic Office Holder Stand

  •  Made of quality acrylic material with smooth polished edges, which will not easily leave scratches or scuffs
  • crystal-like transparency, we carefully selected before sale to ensure that each product is a boutique
  • Polished finish, rounded corners, safe not to hurt hands
  • Simple and modern design concept, suitable for use in customer reception, conference tables, business negotiations, exhibitions, etc.
  • You design, specification. brand printing, package requests could acceptable.
  • MOQ 100 pieces. OEM & ODM service offer

Acrylic Household Stand holder

  • Keep your home organized and tidy with our Acrylic Household Stand.
  • Made from high-quality clear acrylic material, this stand is durable and sleek in design.
  • Perfect for displaying books, kitchen utensils, or organizing your bathroom accessories.
  • The versatile design allows for easy customization to fit your needs.
  • Stylish and functional, this stand is a must-have for any modern household.
  • size or specification can be custom, and other designs could be made directly accordingly to your request. just contact us
  • MOQ 100 pieces, OEM &ODM service offered

Acrylic Sign Holder Stand

  • Versatile acrylic sign holder stand with wooden base or clear acrylic base, perfect for any business or event
  • Durable and sturdy construction ensures your signs stay securely in place
  • The clear acrylic design allows your message to be seen from any angle
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for quick and hassle-free setup
  • Enhance your brand’s visibility and professionalism with this sleek and modern sign-holder stand
  • many size for option: A4, A5, A6 and 11”x8.5” , other request size could be custom.
  • Your design, color, and specification request could be customized.
  • MOQ 100 pieces, OEM &ODM service offered…Read more

Acrylic Phone(electronics) Holder

  •  Made from 4mm high-quality acrylic, transparent and durable. These acrylic phone/earphone /iPad stand holder edges do not have any sharp burrs from manufacturing progress.
  • These Acrylic phones/earphones/iPad stand for desks with ergonomic design, with a comfortable viewing angle
  • compatible with all 4-8-inch smartphones in phone cases, tablets, and e-readers.
  • OEM&ODMservice offer. other shapes, colors, thicknesses, and designs acceptable for our factory to make directly.
  • MOQ 200 pieces, OEM &OEM offer…Read more

Acrylic Wedding Stand

  • Display your floral arrangements with our acrylic wedding stand
  • Made of clear acrylic, it is both elegant and durable
  • Use it as a table number holder or centerpiece riser
  • The acrylic pedestal stand is perfect for weddings and special events
  • Add a touch of sophistication to your event decor with this versatile stand
  • Also great for displaying desserts, favors, and other wedding accessories
  • MOQ 100 pieces. OEM & ODM service offer

Acrylic Jewellery Stand Holder

  • Showcase your favorite jewelry pieces with our modern and elegant acrylic jewelry stand.
  • Made from high-quality clear acrylic, it offers a sleek and transparent display for your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more.
  • Its modern and minimalistic design will complement any home decor or retail space while keeping your jewelry easily accessible and visible.
  • With its sturdy design and durable construction, it provides a secure and stable base for your precious jewelry items.

Acrylic Standoff Signs

  • Showcase your message in a modern and sleek way with our acrylic standoff signs.
  • These signs feature high-quality clear acrylic panels and stainless steel standoffs for a durable and professional finish.
  • Perfect for a variety of settings, including offices, lobbies, and retail spaces, these signs will make your message stand out.
  • Choose from a range of customization options, including size, shape, and color, to create a unique and eye-catching display.

Acrylic Standee

  • High-quality clear acrylic material
  • Professional and sleek design
  • Perfect for trade shows, events, and product launches
  • Easy to assemble and durable for multiple uses
  • Custom designs, sizes, and shapes are available
  • The acrylic standee-related products include acrylic displays, stands, podiums, and holders.
  • MOQ 300~500 pieces, OEM &OEM offer…Read more

Acrylic stand holder Gallery

A Brief Self-Nomination, Why Choose Feilong Acrylic?

Feilong Acrylic has provided visionary solutions for acrylic request brands and project needs for more than ten years now. Our products win good reputation and help our customers fullfill their project with high efficiency. We are known all across the globe for our innovative acrylic products, unparalleled quality, and peak performance.

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Customer-Centric; We offer application-specific solutions through bespoke products that fully fit the needs of our customers. You always come first!

Technology Leader; Feilong Acrylic now has advanced CNC machines and laser cutting machines, what’s more important, we have more than 150 skilled workers and a global support marketing team that could fulfill your project and meet your time request.

Manufacturing Pioneer; Feilong Acrylic has the luxury to experiment and innovate with technology because we have state-of-the-art production operations. we have a professional design team and technical Dept. which could respond to customers’ custom projects for the first time and come out the solutions

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for acrylic stand

Acrylic stand FAQ: Learn about how to choose, clean, and maintain acrylic stands. Find out where to buy, how to make it, and what types are available. We have a compilation of the questions we usually get from our clients as below. If you can’t find answers here, contact our customer service. They are available 24/7 to answer your questions.

An acrylic stand is a type of display stand made from strong and durable plastic material. They can be used to showcase products, signs, artwork, or other items in many settings.

Acrylic stands tend to be quite long-lasting due to their strong and resistant nature. But like any material, if not handled carefully, acrylic may scratch or crack. With proper care, however, your acrylic stand should last you many years with proper maintenance.

To clean your acrylic stand, use a soft non-abrasive cloth and mild soap or detergent. Be gentle as you rub on the stand – be gentle! Rinse with clean water before wiping down with another soft towel.

Acrylic stands have many uses, such as displaying products in retail settings, holding signs or literature at events or trade shows, or showcasing artwork or collectibles at home. Their versatility allows them to be customized according to a variety of needs.

In order to construct an acrylic stand, you’ll need acrylic sheets and tools such as a saw, drill, and heat gun for cutting and shaping the material. There are plenty of tutorials and instructional videos online that can walk you through the process step-by-step. if you want to make a bulk order or need a custom big quantity, can contact us for discussion, and we will give you a quote with a competitive price.

If you wanna make DIY, you can reference the below video:

To construct the standee, you’ll need a template or pattern for its shape. Afterward, use either a saw or laser cutter to cut out the acrylic sheet according to size. After cutting, heat the material gently into desired bend shape by using a heat gun. Lastly, attach any additional components like bases or display panels for completeness. for bulk orders or big quantities, you can contact us, will offer you a factory direct price.

Below is the reference video if you need to make a DIY


Yes, depending on the design and complexity of the stand, the assembly can be quite straightforward. Many come pre-drilled with holes or slots that make attaching components and assembling the stand a breeze. Some require additional hardware or tools for assembly, but these usually come included or can easily be obtained separately.

Acrylic stands have several advantages over other materials. Not only is acrylic resistant to damage and heavy usage, but also lightweight and portable – ideal for retail stores, trade shows, and exhibition settings. What’s more? Acrylic stands can be customized according to your individual requirements.

Acrylic stands can last for many years when properly taken care of and maintained. Regular cleaning and careful handling help keep them in top condition for extended use. With proper care, acrylic stands can remain in excellent condition for a long time.

Acrylic may melt if exposed to extreme temperatures or direct flame, but in most cases, this should not occur.

Acrylic refers to a type of plastic made from polymers derived from acrylic acid or acrylates. While some products containing acrylic may use water as a solvent, this does not make the material itself water-based.

An acrylic sign is a type of sign made from a lightweight and durable plastic material known as acrylic. They can be customized with text, graphics, and other design elements for various uses such as advertising, wayfinding, or branding purposes.

Yes, acrylic stands can be tailored to meet your individual requirements. Sheets of acrylic can be cut and shaped using tools such as saws, lasers, or heat guns in various sizes and shapes. Many manufacturers provide custom fabrication services so you get exactly what you want – all within budget! contact us for custom now!

To display items on an acrylic stand, first, determine the best placement and orientation for them. For instance, if displaying a product, position it at eye level or an angle that highlights its features. Secondly, pick a stand that is appropriate in size and shape for the item being displayed. If necessary, utilize accessories like hooks, clips, or shelves to secure the object to the stand securely.

Yes, they can be used outside but it’s essential to choose a stand specifically designed for this purpose. Outdoor acrylic stands should be constructed of weather-resistant materials so they can withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, and other outdoor elements.

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