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12 Examples: Brands Boosting Marketing with Acrylic Displays


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Acrylic displays are used from high-end storefronts to professional tactful trade show booths and have become a necessity to modern marketing strategies for retailers, shoppers, clients, and brand recognition. Not only are these clear wonders, highly functional, but they are also stylish and versatile. This time around, we have compiled 12 acrylic display design examples that different brands use to bring out the best in their marketing. Prepare yourself for fresh and interesting ways these retailers display their goods and engage with consumers by displaying information in an engaging way. Read on for reviews of our favorites!

Key Takeaways

  • Get Creative with Acrylic Displays: Brands, such as Ultimate Ears and Motorola, demonstrate how acrylic displays can help to make products both experimental and visually appealing.
  • Improve In-Store Experience: Nike, Sephora, and other businesses use acrylic displays to create an exciting and colorful in-store viewing experience for customers.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: Brands can leverage creative displays as those seen in Lego Stores & Starbucks resulting in brand identity reinforcement and brand experiences sticking in the minds of customers.
  • Increased Interaction: By showing instead of telling, interested customers seeking fashion jewelry can now interact with HP and Caeden to pick up, try on, and observe the beads and stones in both the Earth and Cocoon collections. This can also spark conversations about what they are made of and the origin of the jewelry, which, in terms of consumer psychology, increases the likelihood of purchase.
  • Remain in The Game: By utilizing acrylic displays in the advertising strategies, the brand can keep themselves in the game, and get customers‘ eyeballs to their brand making it also possible in the competitive market.

1. Ultimate Ears (UE) Bluetooth Speakers

Ultimate Ears Wireless Speakers – clear plastic acrylic retail displays for their products. These were created to be modern and stylish, to fit the minimalist design that UE speakers have. Featuring acrylic stands in their product displays helped Ultimate Ears to really improve the customer appeal towards their wireless speakers and indeed the elegance of the speaker, by using acrylic to define that premium-quality look.

Using an acrylic display structure supported by Ultimate Ears was a brilliant marketing strategy because they needed it to add an attractive presentation of their amazing wireless speakers. So we picked this see-through plastic to keep that clean and modern look, while also being sturdy and functional in displaying more complex products as well.

The branded acrylic displays provided Ultimate Ears an opportunity to bring their brand to life, showcasing their strong design aesthetic and pro sound quality offering in a way that could not be missed. It not only caught the attention of potential customers, but it solidified the brand’s aesthetic behind their auditory experiences—providing premium sound through visual advertising.

Ultimate Ears wireless speaker acrylic display

2. Motorola Webtop Application

Prize: Motorola In an imaginative approach, the company used acrylic displays to promote the Webtop app. The Acrylic stands were an interactive way that we designed for the brand to engage with potential customers and show them how the app worked. The inclusion of acrylic displays enabled Motorola to demonstrate the infinite possibilities of using acrylic for designing contemporary and techy marketing displays.

Functioning as eye-catching attention tags, the application-rich acrylic stands also doubled as a Webtop pointer points demonstration tester that customers could play with. This interactive engagement, on the other hand, has worked with respect to enhancing customer engagement and brand recall value.

In addition, clear acrylic styles lent a sense of polish and modernity to marketing efforts by Motorola, echoing their tech-savvy brand messaging. The modern appearance of the acrylic stands only amplified the premium nature of the Webtop application.

Motorola Webtop acrylic display

3. Moto Z Moto Mods

Moto Z Moto Mods used acrylic displays to show its variety of devices which advertise compatibility and working functionalities.

  • Modern Design: Acrylic materials were used to give the displays a clean and contemporary look.

4. Sprint (now T-Mobile) Tidal

Sprint (Now T-Mobile) is introducing acrylic displays to drive Tidal services in-store. Inventive acrylic stands were conceived and made in-house to exhibit and woo clients – finger and trail the offerings of Tidal – called them. They used acrylic in an efficacious style to teach prospective customers about the advantages of Tidal subscriptions.

Featuring a very innovative marketing strategy by the brand, Sprint (Now T-Mobile) is using acrylic displays to promote its Tidal services! The attention-grabbing acrylic stands are also used to showcase the service and direct consumers to more in-depth information.

Sprint (now T-Mobile) strategy image The importance of imaginative and compelling visual merchandising in-store filters at a time. This powerful synergy of aesthetics and utility with acrylic displays goes a long way in enhancing customer experience and attracting potential interest in publicized services.

5. HP Smart Watches

  • Sleek Acrylic Displays: HP used acrylic displays for their new smartwatches. The clear acrylic display stands are simple yet bold and were designed to draw attention to the features and design of the smartwatches.
  • Modern Presentation: Modern and efficient use of acrylic displays created the clean and organized display the HP smartwatches deserved. This added a further layer of glitz which illuminated the selling points of the smartwatches and drew the customers in.
  • Interactive Features: Customers were able to play with the smartwatches in person by placing them onto the acrylic displays, which were equipped with sensors. This interactive concept offered a unique opportunity for customers to interact with and learn about how the different smartwatches worked.

Not only did the addition of acrylic displays provide a visual sophistication to the presentation, but it also allowed customers to engage with and see all that HP smartwatches offer through their innovative specifics. This market competency employs captivating displays with advanced technology available, simplifying their strategy in demonstrating the product capabilities.

6. Caeden Headphones

Acrylic displays have been utilized to help display the slim and modern products of Caeden headphones. This has done marvels for the headphones of this premium quality product and praises the brand for its decision to use exclusively with no other noise-canceling device. Its effect on the overall sound quality has been a revelation. This integrated acrylic is a great way to match the elegance of their whole product line and display it nicely.

Caeden smartly employs the use of acrylic displays, not only in functional terms as showcases but also as the strategic channel through which they provide and narrate brand promises to their customers. They are shows of not merely catching eyeballs, but as well as, communicate the kind of sophistication and modernity that the Caeden brand projects.

Furthermore, the acrylic material used is long-lasting and comes with the quality of being multi-purpose, thus ensuring that the trays are meant to continue looking as good as brand new for years to come. The importance of the durability facet is that you can use these basically in videos where people come to try the headphones if you have a retail store or at exhibitions where you display these headphones.

7. Nike Retail Stores

Behind Nike’s acrylic displays in the company’s stores, These are no ordinary displays, they are kinetic stands that effectively demonstrate the performance of Nike products. Nike did an excellent job of creating a more frictionless brand experience for its customers through the creative use of acrylic, to enhance the overall brand experience as a whole.

  • Appealing Customer Interaction Points: Nike stores use acrylic displays to create appealing customer interaction points.
  • Modern Appeal: Acrylic stands have a clean, modern appeal which coincides with Nike’s current innovative and forward-thinking brand.
  • Convey Product Attributes: These displays allow Nike to convey product attributes and technical information to prospective buyers.

Crafted using acrylic materials ensures that both options are durable and boast an air of quality suitable for Nike’s premium status. This aids in better organization and arrangement of merchandise which in turn makes for an engaging visual merchandising technique.

Nikes kinetic acrylic displays

8. Apple Store Product Displays

With acrylics, the Apple Store displayed every product it had. The displays themselves were custom-designed to match Apple’s sleek, minimalist aesthetic, which meant they created a streamlined, visually appealing experience for customers. Through these interactive acrylic stands, Apple went the next step making itself known to the shopper and increasing brand value.

  • Custom Stands: Apple makes acrylic stands to more seamlessly integrate with their modern and clean store ascetic.
  • Interactive Elements: Interactive aspects in the displays lured customers and made them want to dive into the products.
  • Better Customer Experience: The acrylic displays helped the products stand out and made the shopping process more immersive and engaging for shoppers.

Placing inventories in acrylic displays in Apple Stores was more than a functional, but also a proactive strategic move as it kept the products organized and helped in maximizing the brand coverage in Apple Stores while maintaining the essential aesthetic appeal to convince potential consumers. This approach not only boosted customer interactivity but also possibly triggered impulse purchasing as customers became acquainted with the creative product demonstrations.

Apple Store acrylic displays showcasing

9. Samsung Experience Stores

These acrylic display stands allow Samsung Experience Stores to highlight their latest technology products. It’s not just any stand but interactive, engaging displays to attract the attention of customers, customers who would feel like a part of the Samsung world.

Samsung has cleverly used acrylic as a creative tool to showcase products within their stores, creating an interactive, hands-on experience for customers. Interesting Reads From interacting with the displays and experiencing new product features to getting the hands-on feel of Samsung’s latest technology first-hand, Samsung has created an environment for customers to truly see and experience some exciting new devices.

The design of these acrylic display stands is strategically planned to attract customers and give them an unforgettable experience. From displaying the vivid colors of a new smartphone to emphasizing the slim design of a smartwatch, Samsung’s scrumptious acrylic displays help the stores maintain the overall ambiance.

These wonderful displays not only feature Samsung products but also support consumer education and entertainment in an extraordinary way for the brand to be heard. Acrylic displays symbolize the fusion of technology and innovation, allowing Samsung Experience Stores to differentiate itself from the rest of the retail landscape.

10. Sephora Makeup Stands

Sephora – Acrylic Displays to Exhibit a Range of Makeup Products for Enhanced Store Visual Appeal The flagship product with the elegant stands was specifically designed to store different make-up items and beautifully display them for the customer to have a luxurious shopping experience.

After all, besides bringing elegance, the use of acrylic displays at Sephora has a functional side. Sephora uses these displays to keep its makeup products looking fresh and make them more easily accessible to customers. This most coincides with the professional level of the appearance of the makeup units redouble for its translucent and streamlined royal acrylic makeup pieces to create an extremely stylish atmosphere, and enhance the appeal of the area encouraging customers to examine the items being marketed.

In addition, the acrylic displays showcase specific products or promotions well, which can help concentrate the attention of the traveler on one or more key messages promoted by Sephora in a given season. They are used to showcase the featured items by placing them on these stands in a manner that creates focal points within the establishment. Placements like these can ultimately result in higher sales as marshal customers are automatically induced to visibility, interaction, and endorsement of highlighted books.

11. Starbucks Variety Display Stands

In stores, Starbucks uses acrylic displays for its seasonal promotions and limited-time offers. These multifunctional stands are meant for holding and promoting seasonal items to catch the eye of the consumer on their premium feature days. These display stands are also created from acrylic which adds to the elegant and modern look to the whole setup.

Starbucks marketing stands to get a visual boost from these colorful acrylic creations, channeling that creativity into their countertop displays showcasing seasonal selections. Through the use of acrylic displays, Starbucks secures the interest of regular foot traffic, draws them into their store, and shows off their newest creations, which are often only available for a short amount of time.

Acrylic display stands are changed according to the promotional elements of each season to follow the thematic consistency in every promotion that Starbucks runs throughout the year. By using acrylic displays strategically, Starbucks are able to build demand for their seasonal concoctions and encourage quick, in-the-moment purchasing decisions.

In the end, by utilizing acrylic display stands, Starbucks has shown us the powerful effects that ground-breaking marketing tactics can have on brand repose and impel the sale of goods through scenic and well-located promotional incentives.

Starbucks seasonal promotion acrylic displays

12. Lego Store Exclusives

Here’s an application in the Lego Store where acrylic displays are placed on checkout counters to feature exclusive Lego sets and give customers a completely different shopping experience. These displays are not your typical stands – each is crafted specifically to complement every delicate detail of every limited-edition Lego collection. With these inventive acrylic displays, the store is able to improve the display of their special set of three, generating customer interest and boosting the look of the product line!

They are a great tool for catching the eye, enhancing the visibility of those uber-exclusive sets with excellent, unique versions of transparency in the clear Acrylic displays, which you can find in ever so convenient clear Acrylic at the Lego Store.

Acrylic is extremely versatile, and because of this, we can provide options both for shelves and stands to display all sorts of unique items. These displays enable customers to take a look at the details and features of each set before purchasing.

By adopting acrylic, the store is an elegant and modern space, easily connected to the brand image of Lego.

Closing Thoughts

We discussed how different brands utilize acrylic displays to boost their advertising approaches. These examples, featuring Ultimate Ears’ wireless speakers or Lego’s exclusive sets, showcase great design options that capture your attention. Including these displays can increase the visibility of your brand, and make a longer-lasting impact on your prospects.

Adding an acrylic display to your marketing arsenal will help you stand out above the competition and attract more customers. Well, then why not see how you can incorporate these nice-looking tools in your damn brand strategy?! So long as you model these successful companies, you’ll be well-equipped to deliver an experience unique to you and your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Brands Use Acrylic Displays, Shop Signs, And Merchandising Brandimity

Acrylic displays help brands provide a better product visualization, follow a more modern aesthetic, build brand reputation, and use attractive designs to grab customers’ attention.

Will their retailers, merchandising, acrylic displays, shop signs, and sign advertising examples be customized according to various brand needs?

Yes, acrylic displays provide excellent customization such as size, shape, color, branding elements, and many more. Brands can customize the wall displays to suit their specific needs and to showcase products in a productive manner.

How do acrylic displays help improve store product presentation?

Acrylic displays are an integral part of product presentation by allowing people to have an unobstructed view of the products in a display. They help customers see products in an organized fashion, emphasize important features, and create an appealing visual experience.

What are some of the popular brands that used acrylic displays effectively in their marketing strategies and gained a huge footfall among retailers, and shoppers and converted them as potential clients just because of transparency?

Ultimate Ears, Apple Store, and Nike Retail Stores passed away not, Sephora are some of the brands that have been successful in acrylic displays work for them. These are just a few examples of the many ways acrylic displays can work to drive sales.

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